Westin Nova Scotian

The “Nova Scotian” opened its doors on June 23, 1930 with 130 rooms, five suites and the elegant Atlantic Ballroom, which accommodates up to 275 guests for a dinner.

The hotel was considered to be reminiscent of grand hotels seen all over the world, and one of its kind in Eastern Canada.  The Canadian National Train Station also opened at the same time, connecting Halifax to the rest of Canada.

The hotel served as a supply base for the trains, preparing all meals and also the provision of laundry services for the train linens and bedding.  The size of the hotel kitchen is immense in today’s terms, because of its original connection with CN. The hotel is one of the original railroad hotels owned by Canadian National Railways, which were built in the 30s and 40s as landmark hotels all across Canada.

The Nova Scotian spent the 60’s & 70’s as an independant hotel and the late 80’s and early 90’s as a Hilton.  During one University semester in the mid 1990’s the hotel was used as a dormatory by students attending Saint Mary’s University while one of the residents was undergoing repairs.  Weeks before meeting it’s ‘death by wrecking ball’ the hotel was purchased by New Castle Hotels & Resorts from Shelton, Connecticut.


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