About Denise

I was born & raised in St. John’s, NL but call Halifax my home.  I moved here in 1997 as a compromise between the big city (Toronto) and small town life.  Halifax has everything I want…and more.  That’s one of the reasons I am writing this blog, to share a city that I have adopted as my own and show the world what it means to be a Haligonian.

The other is that when I moved to Halifax I began working at the historic Westin Nova Scotian hotel and I’ve never left.  My Westin ‘on-brand’ name tag notes my passion as “Shiraz”.  It could just as easily say “Food”, “Friends” or “Hospitality”.

You may be wondering why I am sitting on a scooter in front of the hotel.  It’s my main mode of transportation (and I guess another passion) from mid April to mid October.  Halifax is so easy to get around on scooter – and on foot – and zipping around is a blast.  I love to smell the bread baking at Ben’s Bakery on my way to work in the mornings and the BBQ’s and freshly mown grass on my drive home in the summer.  When I join friends on a downtown patio after work I can find a parking space anywhere! 

I hope you enjoy these snipits of life on the East Coast!




(That’s me on the left…did I mention I like to have fun!).



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