Posted by: dbradbury | December 2, 2010

Holiday parties galore!

Happy December 2nd!  Tis the season, the holiday songs are playing and the festivities have begun.  I even got into the holiday spirit last night and made a Gingerbread Train (a.k.a. Train Wreck) last night with my friend’s 8 year old…FYI, the icing is very sticky!

Polar Express or Crazy Train?

I don’t know about you but all of a sudden I feel the need to make plans to see everyone I know for a pre-holiday visit.  There’s nothing like Christmas to get people socializing…and I love it!  The hospitality industry is pretty social throughout the year but the weeks leading up to Dec. 25th are particularly busy with parties and networking events centered around elaborate buffets and festive cocktails.

I hope to see you at one of the many holiday events this month! 

And if you are still looking for a holiday lunch buffet, dinner & Yuk Yuk’s comedy show or a “Reserve a Bird” (turkey dinner to go) check out our Holiday Happenings

Bring on the Smart Egg Nog, Cheers!


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