Posted by: dbradbury | November 17, 2010

Great Big Dig for the IWK Children’s Hospital

Saturday night I was fortunate to attend one of Halifax’s premiere fund raising events, the Great Big Dig on beahlf of the Westin Nova Scotian.  This annual event focuses on raising funds for a new piece of equipment each year through dinner ticket sales, silent & live auction items and entertainment.

This year, the money raised is to purchase The Retcam – a special direct contact digital camera that is used to take pictures of the retina. The IWK uses the Retcam on a weekly basis to examine premature infants in the NICU. When babies are born too early, the blood vessels at the back of the eye have not fully vascularized and it is possible for them to develop abnormally weak, leaky vessels that leads to scarring, and in some cases if not treated, they can develop retinal detachments and be left blind.

Unfortunately the current Retcam at the IWK no longer takes reliable images and is no longer serviced because of its old age.  A new Retcam will be more reliable, easier to use and is useful for early detection of disease. Digital images will be stored and transferred to the hospital network and will allow for better visualization, better documentation of images and can be viewed in full screen mode for maximum visualization of detail. This piece of equipment is the standard of care currently across the country in every tertiary centre.

Eventhough this is an event for a serious cause some fun was had with one of the generous silent auction items from DeWalt…

Mike Holmes or Charlie's Angel?

Tim the Tool Man? Don't you know that Martini's and Power Tools don't mix!

2010 DeWalt Calendar Girl!


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