Posted by: dbradbury | May 17, 2010

Halifax Farmer’s Market

The Halifax Farmer’s Market is moving to our backyard.  The market currently operates on Saturdays within the Keith’s Brewery Market on Lower Water Street (a 5 – 10 minute walk from the Westin Nova Scotian).  Scheduled to open as a full time market this July the new home of the market will be Pier 20, directly behind us.  It  will have four permanent vendors with an additional 155 + on market days of Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday to start and building to six days a week.   

The new location has been built using recycled/reused materials, sustainable wood, wind turbines/geo-thermal/solar/green roof technologies for energy conservation and a storm water conservation/rainwater harvesting system.  The site is pretty impressive. 

The Halifax Farmers’ Market was founded in 1750 and is the oldest continuously operating farmers’ market in North America. 

The first market vendors were Acadian the original European immigrants to this land. The Mannette family, one of only seven vendors who moved into the Brewery Market in December of 1983, has documentation indicating their continuous participation in the market since 1784. Think about that for a minute – one family – 223 years at the market.

Those seven vendors remained open the winter of 1983 for fear that if closed they would never open again. They launched what is now a self financed cooperatively governed group of local producers, processors and artisans that has grown to over 200 vendors. This is truly a testament to the enduring resilience of our producer community.

The new Seaport Market will be an ecological and cultural showpiece linking the Province’s urban and rural economies in a seamless community focused on local food and sustainable principles. It will showcase Halifax as a smart city with a vibrant environment, economy, and culture. Great cities have great markets!!

I paid a visit to the market this past Saturday and can’t wait to see it in it’s new home!

Donna from Jost (in pink), one of several NS wineries at the Market, with my Dad buying a bottle of Jost Trilogy!


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