Posted by: dbradbury | April 20, 2010

Back from the Juno Awards

I’m a little road weary today.  I landed back in Halifax at 3 am this morning after a 17 hour delay in my flight from St. John’s, NL.  What caused the delay you ask?  Well if you haven’t been to St. John’s before you are certainly missing out on a great destination, however you are also missing out on experiencing fog with the consistency of pea soup.  Fog, and ash from the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, caused quite a disturbance in air travel to and from St. John’s on this busy Juno Award weekend.

I am a music lover and am fortunate to live in Halifax, a city well known for it’s talented singer songwriters and live music venues.  Many of the acts I saw this weekend are regulars on the Halifax music scene and performers not to be missed.  Amelia Curran, (native Newfoundlander and 2010 Juno award recepient), Hey RosettaPostdata, Dallas Green, NQ Arbuckle are just a few acts I’d suggest keeping  a look out for.

The Junos, Canada’s Music Industry Awards, have been rotating around the country since they were last in St. John’s in 2002.  In 2005 they were held in Halifax with host Pamela Anderson, Coldplay, the Black Eyed Peas and Michael Buble drawing a crowd at the awards show.  The Westin Nova Scotian hosted many of the performers, some of which I mentioned, that weekend.  In 2011 the 40th anniversary of the Juno Awards will be celebrated in Toronto.

I took in many acts during Junofest, the Songwriter’s Circle and the Sunday night Awards show, and those who know me know that I keep my camera close at hand for celebrity sightings.  This weekend I have no pictures to share of musicians 😦 .  I do however have a photo of me with my latest TV boyfriend, Jake Doyle (aka actor Allan Hawco) from the CBC series set in St. John’s Republic of Doyle .  Jake/Allan was out and about the city taking in the the festivities.

With Jake Doyle at Trapper Johns, George Street


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