Posted by: dbradbury | March 11, 2010

My Roots are Showing…

Nearing the end of Tim Hortons Brier week in Halifax and Ontario is still in the lead at 9 -0.   Newfoundland & Labrador, Alberta and Northern Ontario are  all sitting at 7 -2 .  Amongst my fellow Newfoundlanders here at the Westin the favourite is 2006 Olympic gold medalist Brad Gushue (and his team).  Needless to say, eventhough I live in Nova Scotia, my roots are showing this week as I see the curlers around the hotel. 

Good luck to all over the final three days of competition.

My colleague, Glenn Bowie, and I were at the Brier opening gala dinner at the World Trade & Convention Centre on Friday night…this year’s Olympic men’s curling gold medalists led by Kevin Martin were in attendance, sporting their wares, a nice treat for the fans.

At the opening of the Brier - not exactly team NS, but a former member in the mix.


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