Posted by: dbradbury | March 2, 2010

Meanwhile, back in Halifax…the 2010 Brier

Well, the Olympics ended with a bang for Canada on Sunday night.  Our own Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal for Canada in overtime.  GOLD!  It was an edge of your seat experience to say the least.  According to CTV 22 million people – or two thirds of the Canadian population – were watching when Sidney Crosby scored in overtime and ignited a cheer heard across the nation.  I actually had to leave the room and start making supper when the game went into it’s fourth period because the last 25 seconds of the third period had my heart in my throat…and I’m not even a hockey fan.  Like a lot of people, I’m a fan of the Olympics and the excitement, thus a fan of Olympic hockey and Team Canada.

The Olympic Cauldron

Somewhere in that crowd is Tessa Virtue!

Now on to the next big event.  Halifax plays host to the 2010 Tim Hortons Brier next week.  Curling teams from across Canada start arriving at the Westin Nova Scotian tomorrow.  Sports fans do not fear there is more action to come.  This Monday night’s television line-up was a bore compared to the past two weeks so next week “Hurry Hard” to the Halifax Metro Centre and the Keith’s Patch and enjoy the fun!

Then on Monday, March 22….Dancing with the Stars!



  1. Great Blog Denise, see you at the Brier!

  2. Awesome blog Denise! I love the pics of you, esp. on the bike (but where’s your helmet?). It has a friendly, chatty feel yet is very informative. Well done.

    • Thanks Alison….I look forward to keeping up on your blog too….

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