Posted by: dbradbury | September 28, 2009

Eve at the Westin Nova Scotian

I’ve mentioned in past updates that we tend to have fun in Eve, especially during our evening ritual, ‘Unwind’.  This past week it was particularly busy… as these pictures will attest…

On Wednesday night the pre-conference entourage from the German Marshall Fund held a Bluegrass jam with our Thursday night entertainer, Paul Brushett.

                     Eve Jam 1                      Eve Jam 3

One of our regular guests brought his wife to town to explore Halifax (and visit us)…

                                          Eve - Tony

On Friday our Sales & Catering team crossed the finish line & toasted a successful Sales Blitz with a celebratory cocktail…

                                          Sales Blitz - team eve 2

And on Sunday even the kids enjoyed Eve with a post swim recline on the chaise lounge!

                                               G&G in EVE 2

If you haven’t been…make it a point to join us in Eve…you never know what will happen!



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