Posted by: dbradbury | June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson – wow….

For fear of sounding morbid (and obvious) on the blog, the news of the King of Pop’s death has shocked the world.  Jacko’s passing has spurred the conversation in our staff cafeteria today to center around “where were you when…(Elvis, John Lennon, Princess Diana…) died?”  I certainly remember hearing about Princess Diana’s tragic accident while working at il Fornello restaurant in Toronto.  When John Lennon died I was 12 and likely more concerned about my upcoming Christmas vacation.  I wasn’t the Beatles fan back then that I am now.

The peculiar thing is that yesterday I didn’t catch the news at all…I watched a DVD last night and went to bed early…so, where was I when I heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death?  In bed, at 6:00 am, checking my Blackberry!  I had a message from a friend with the story from last night…

The world is downloading MJ’s music like crazy…I’m sure his fan base will grow by the millions in the days to come.  We will never forget him.


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