Posted by: dbradbury | May 27, 2009

Back from CUT…

We had a fantastic evening of dining at CUT a couple of weeks ago.  Be prepared to have a full evening out when you go.  Take your time and enjoy several courses and the attentive service.  My companions were in fine form and we pretty much had control of the room by evening’s end.  We even shared a round of shooters with an anniversary couple, who recognized one of my friends from the gym, and a local weather girl/television celebrity & her NHL big wig date…

C & C at CUT

Above: Two of my fellow diners, Claude (our generous host for the evening) and Christi (Nova Scotia Signature Resorts  Sales Manager).

BTW, I recommend starting with a 57 Chevy cocktail and ordering a cut of the dry aged beef with the coconut curry sauce on the side.  My mouth is watering as I think of it!



  1. Denise, just checked out how your blog is doing!! I love the new Header Picture! Boy you have a great life…your posts make me want to eat!

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