Posted by: dbradbury | May 4, 2009

California Wine Fair 2009

Just got back from Bishop’s Cellar where I purchased a great bottle of California Zinfandel…which reminds me, the 2009 California Wine Fair is coming to Pier 21, on Wednesday, April 8th.  Last year my girlfriends and I thoroughly enjoyed the Conundrum, it goes fast so get there early.  The wine fair is a great place to experience a wide selection of more than 140 premium wines from 50 of California’s top producers, (and not a bad place to meet people either!).  With Spring having (almost) arrived in Halifax join the evening’s sommeliers as they uncork California’s “liquid sunshine n a glass”.  I hope you take advantage of this once a year event, break out your tasting glass and join the fun.  Don’t drink and drive, book a room a the Westin Nova Scotian hotel to avoid the long taxi line-up at the end of the night.

Pier 21 & Queen Mary


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